Property Information

PERLA PARAISO Property Details


The PERLA PARAISO property comprises a total of 54 Hectares (134 Acres) and is FULLY TITLED and registered in the Public Registry in Panama.

The property is owned by the corporation PERLA PARAISO, Corporation. In Panama all properties owned by corporations save property taxes. It is the most secure procedure for Non-Panamanian buyers and it simplifies the procedure for the buyer and the seller when completing a sale. Instead of a property the corporation will be sold and the shares of the corporation that holds the property will be transferred. In the same procedure the corporate officers resign and the buyer will chose the new officers of the corporation. The buyer does not have to pay high property taxes (currently none, however this can change in the future)! PERLA PARAISO, Corp. is a company duly registered in the Registro Publico in Panama.


  • The Corporation that holds the property = PERLA PARAISO,CORP.
  • The Domain names that are registered = PEARLOFPARADISE.COM & PERLAPARAISO.COM.
  • The Domain names, the Website, the sales brochure are included in the sales price

The Website to promote the property

The PERLA PARAISO property is a hidden jewel …. very much protected with its own inner lagoon that can hold boats and makes a peaceful setting. The river goes alongside the property and is accessible by small boats. There is landing strip close by for small aircrafts.

Panama provides incredible incentives for investors that start a tourism project. This could be your chance to benefit and invest into the future.

Please also check out Law 8 which is the general law of Touristic projects in Panama.