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The New Road from Santiago to the Atlantic Ocean connecting Pacific and Atlantic


The first road to connect to the Caribbean Coast is cut through the jungle from Santiago to Santa Fe and with only 10% left to reach the coast of Veraguas! A project that opens various possibilities to develop the Caribbean side of Panama and therefore also for Perla Paraiso property which now has gotten into a center stage position.
While waiting for the “Costa Negra”, the 4 lane highway that connects Colon to Rambala the new owners of land on the Caribbean can breath some fresh air with the Veraguas Road bein 10% away from reaching the coast which will  become the “Grand Opening” of the Caribbean!


“The new road has been yearned for decades, and today it has become a reality”, says the Ministry of Public Works spokesperson Minerva Bethancourth. “The work is progressing despite the inclement weather and it is expected that the machinery will have reached the sea by the middle of January 2018, more than an environmental strategy, it is about compliance with the legislation, this project has no irreversible impacts.”


More about the road and valuable inside of the project as well as the Caribbean side of Veraguas here:

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In Veraguas, the connection between Santa Fe and Calovébora will be completed, so that the province will be able to cross from north to south and connect the Caribbean with the Pacific. On the Caribbean coast, a project that has been considered for years, the minister said it would be interesting to connect Calovébora in Veraguas with Miguel de la Borda in Colón.

The list includes projects in all the provinces of the country and in the regions. In some of them, the MOP’s own team works, in what represents the implementation of a new philosophy implemented by Arosemena, which consists of providing the ministry with the ability to execute in order to respond to the most immediate needs.


“COSTA NEGRA” Highway – 4 Lane Highway planned along the Caribbean Coast 

This is a long term project and is the Highway that stretches from Colon to Rambala in Bocas del Toro. It will connect PERLA PARAISO to the rest of Panama:

As part of the megaproject of the expansion of the Panama Canal, the Government is currently building the third bridge over the Canal by the Atlantic. This four-lane bridge opens the possibilities for the construction of the great Costanera that has to connect the city of Colón with Bocas del Toro and indirectly to Costa Rica.

This waterfront is a 300-kilometer road that would cut the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in two parts and open the area for development.












More Articles about the Highway from Colon to Rambala:

La Gran Costanera

La Gran Costanera, that is the name with which the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has baptized the project of a 230-kilometer highway along the north coast of the country, from Miguel de la Borda in Colón to Rambala in Bocas del Bull.

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